BCMaterials – Basque Center on Materials, Applications and Nanostructures is an autonomous research center belonging to the BERC (Basque Excellence Research Centers) network and focused on generating knowledge in new materials for the benefit of society. The different lines of research at the center range from nanostructured materials to micro- and nano-devices, including the development of functional, active and intelligent surfaces and materials. Neutron Science is a transversal line to all these areas. It allows to investigate a wide variety of materials to face the great challenges in energy, environment, biomedicine or information and communication technologies to come. A new generation of materials for a better life.

ESS Bilbao

ESS Bilbao is an international research and development center for Particle Accelerator and Neutron Science and Technologies which generates knowledge and added value through the In-Kind contribution that it makes to the European Spallation Source ERIC currently being built in Lund. ESS Bilbao is a public consortium of the Central and Basque governments in charge of channelling all Spanish contributions to ESS, in areas of Accelerator (Medium Energy Beam Transport Line and RF systems), Target (target wheel, drive unit and shaft; monolith vessel; proton beam window; proton beam instrumentation plug; and tuning beam dump) and Instruments (MIRACLES ToF backscattering spectrometer).

ESS Bilbao has an R&D Centre at the Bizkaia Technology Park and an Advanced Welding Facility (AWF) at Jundiz (Vitoria) hosting the support laboratories and the infrastructures developed within its in-house projects. ESS Bilbao is also actively collaborating in other projects Worldwide in the realm of particle accelerators and neutron scattering science and technologies and is member of ELENA, the European association to promote cooperation within Europe in the field of neutron sources based on an accelerator and a low energy reaction to produce neutrons.


CFM is a joint center of the Higher Council for Scientific Research and the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (CSIC-UPV/EHU). Its long-term objective is to promote the frontiers of knowledge on research in advanced materials science through the formation of stable teams with a history of excellence in scientific research.

The excellence of the CFM has been recognized by the Basque Government including its instrumental body MPC among the BERC Centers. The MPC carries out intense scientific activity related to neutronic techniques, which has earned it the appointment of coordinator of the Neutrionics area of the IKUR strategy. In particular, the Polymers and Soft Matter group has a long tradition and recognized international prestige in the field of neutrons; In addition, the recent incorporation through Ikerbasque of scientists who are experts in neutrons has expanded the areas of research with these techniques at the MPC, now also including functional materials and membranes, the latter on the border between soft matter and biology.


The Spanish Science Industry Association, INEUSTAR, is a Spanish, non-profit, professional and private association of industrial companies dedicated to conception, design, construction, exploitation and maintenance of the scientific instruments and facilities, in order to contribute to the progress of science and technology, as well as to the strengthening of the innovation.

INEUSTAR’s scope of action is the whole Spanish area, its work philosophy is a network of companies, research centers, universities and support organizations and institutions that collaborate together. Its horizon and work objectives include all facilities’ projects and scientific programs along the world and, in particular, those where Spain participates with a specific contribution.

The mission:

Working for the benefit of the Spanish Science Industry, achieving the increment of its participation in the supply of projects, equipment, systems and services for the national and international Big Scientific Facilities (BSF).

Contributing, with a joint effort, to the creation of advanced knowledge to be used in other areas in industry.

Incrementing the number of Spanish companies that participate in such projects.

Participating and supporting Spanish candidacies for BSFs and collaborate with the Academia in the related educational aspects.