Victoria García Sakai

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

Neutron Spectroscopy as a Tool for Solving Today’s Challenges

June 21. 15:45


Victoria is the Molecular Spectroscopy Group Leader at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Facility at RAL, STFC. She has been actively involved with neutron scattering facilities in different capacities, for the last 20 years. A chemical engineer from Imperial College London, she moved into the field of neutron scattering during her postdoc at Penn State University, USA.

Victoria is an internationally recognized expert in quasi-elastic neutron scattering applied to soft matter and biological systems. She is the editor of Dynamics of Soft Matter book (2012) and published over 100 peer-review papers in the field. Vicky has experience directing, managing and advising on instrumentation and science user programmes. She sits on a number of high-level scientific and instrumentation advisory bodies to neutron facilities around the world, including as Vice-Chair of the European Spallation Source Science Advisory Council. Since May last year she has taken the role of STFC liaison officer for the UK’s synchrotron, Diamond Light Source, and is managing the bid for the Diamond II upgrade for STFC. Vicky has a passion for educating, with over 10 years’ experience training students and postdocs in neutron techniques. She is the Director of the prestigious Oxford School of Neutron Scattering since 2015.